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Kingswood Secondary Academy

Ofsted Good

Social media

Our students use social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram amongst others regularly and these can be a good way to demonstrate and highlight their talents, skills, qualifications and experience.  Other sites such as LinkedIn can allow students to connect with other people in similar jobs, training, education and employment and communicate effectively together.   For most young people this is their primary way of communicating with others online and their presence on line means a great deal to them

However, the online presence of many businesses, colleges and universities is equally as important in a world where virtual teams work and reputations are built and therefore, employers increasingly look to these sites to gather information on potential employees possibly prior to offering a work experience placement, a college or University place or offer of an apprenticeship.  These sites provide them with a wealth of information about students and applicants very quickly. 

In general, if you would not want a potential employer to know something about you that you have published on line, including blogs, photos and your status then don’t write about it for everyone to read.  People have been sacked from their jobs because inappropriate comments, posts and pictures on their profile have been seen by prospective employers.

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