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Kingswood Secondary Academy

Ofsted Good

Sixth Form Extra Curricular Activities

There are many opportunities for you to take part in extra activities at Kingswood. The following are a few examples:

Reader Leader

Why not join in our popular Accelerated Reader scheme? You’ll get a chance to support a year 7 pupil, listening to them read and helping them to gain confidence. It’s a great way to gain relevant experience and it is fun as well. You will be trained to take on this role, receiving guidance on the best way to develop a young person’s reading skills and how to give feedback on their progress. You will even help to assess their performance. Accelerated Reader sessions take place every week.

Peer Mentoring

Once you are trained as a reading partner and have shown your ability to give support and guidance, you will able to apply it to peer mentor younger students. This will involve working with an individual in lessons and be involved in target setting and guidance in form time helping him or her to be successful. Peer mentoring is a great opportunity, especially if you are intending to work with people as a career. For example, if you wish to apply for medicine or intend to go on to teach.

Charity Events

Charity fund raising is a regular feature of sixth form life. Not only does it raise money for worthwhile causes, but also provides leadership opportunities as well as lots of fun! The staff v student sports matches are always very popular.


There are many ways to get involved in Music within the sixth form to help improve your playing and performance experience or even run a group. Activities include:

  • Orchestra for all abilities, either help out or come and join in.
  • Jazz band for more advanced musicians.
  • Practice room monitor, help set up and run practice room bookings.
  • Own groups, set up and run your own group as other sixth formers have done.
  • Perform in shows or at local primary schools.
  • Mezz performances, perform at break on the mezzanine to the school.


 If you are interested in sport or any type of P.E there are many ways to not only join in with extra activities in sport but gain extra qualifications and UCAS points too. These include:

  • Joining the 6th form football team who are currently in the semi-finals of the county cup.
  • Running an extra-curricular sports group for younger years.
  • Sports leader level 2.
  • Year 13 sports leader level 3 (worth 30 UCAS points)
  • Assist in primary school fixtures.
  • Ofsted
  • NOS
  • NOS 2
  • Career Mark
  • DofE
  • London Institute