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Kingswood Secondary Academy

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Promoting & Rewarding Positive Behaviour

At Kingswood Secondary Academy we believe that outstanding behaviour and attitudes to learning are achieved through positive reinforcement. The following is a list of rewards that will be used at Kingswood Secondary Academy:

  1. RISE Points

The purpose of RISE Points is to encourage positive behaviour through giving children an instant reward for their behaviour and attitude. RISE Points are the primary method of rewarding good behaviour on a daily basis.  Any member of staff can award RISE Points and they are small tokens of appreciation which are awarded to students for any of the following reasons:

  • An outstanding piece of work
  • Demonstrating good effort when encountering a challenge
  • When a learning target has been exceeded
  • Supporting other students in their learning
  • Promoting good behaviour in others
  • Improving their behaviour
  • Taking responsibility for their learning
  • Carrying out extra responsibilities in class
  • Answering and asking questions well
  • Developing confidence in an area
  • Making a positive contribution to our or the wider community

This is not an exclusive list and is regularly reviewed by the Pastoral Team.

Parents and Carers are able to see when their child has been awarded a RISE Point on ClassCharts.

  1. Achievement Assemblies

The purpose of celebrating our Achievement Assembly is to focus on rewarding good behaviour and attitudes, which are linked to our values and standards, and promote RISE Points, Outstanding Effort and High Attendance in front of the whole school on a termly basis.

Every term, each Faculty and Subject area nominates two students based on their effort in that subject – this does not necessarily mean they were the highest achievers in that subject, but rather they showed the highest level of commitment to succeeding in that subject. The child is congratulated in assembly by the Principal or Senior Leader and receives a badge and certificate to take home.

Children with 100% attendance are also rewarded with a badge and certificate.

A student is nominated by their HoY as the Star of the Term. A piece about each child is written by the HoY and read out to everyone before a gold star badge is awarded and their profile put up in the reception areas to celebrate their outstanding efforts.

Students who show outstanding effort and achievement will also receive a certificate and letter home after their termly reports and during the End of Year Celebration evening, silver and gold ties are awarded, faculty badges and general effort and commitment over the year is recognised.

  1. Privileges

Year 11 students who have shown excellent standards of effort, positive behaviour and high attendance, the Mezzanine (Mezz) is a space they can access at break times to relax in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Year 10 students who show similar levels of positive behaviour will have access to the courtyard with covered seating from the spring term.

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