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Kingswood Secondary Academy

Ofsted Good

Message from the Head of KS3

Welcome, welcome, welcome to our wonderful family that is Kingswood!

I’m Mrs Bonner and I’ve been part of the Kingswood family for the past eleven years. I’m an English teacher, been a Head of Year for the past three years and been part of Corby my whole life.  I’ve seen lots of changes over the years, different Heads, staff, buildings, but the one unwavering principle of our school is that our students and community come first; that has never changed, I think this is what I am most proud of.

We are in a great period in our Kingswood history with our very first female Head Mrs Newman, she really has made such a positive impact on our school culture and values; something that I know you and your child will embrace when you join our academy. We are not an ‘exam factory’ who are driven by data and Ofsted, we are a community school which provides a well-balanced curriculum and enrichment program to ensure our town and it’s people have the best young people who will enhance our great community .

With all the current events, which are happening all over the world, we need to support each other more than ever. In Kingswood our relationships with parents/carers is paramount. When our children are happy healthy and successful, we all benefit; we are a winning team when all work together. I am under no allusion that sometimes we do get it wrong, but through positive dialogue and communication, we can sort anything.  

As your child moves into Year 7, you always have those doubts that your wee ones are just not ready, but believe me, they are ready to take that next exciting step, and we in Kingswood will give them the best start we can. The transition period can be stressful enough with organisation, uniform, timetable etc. but again in today’s challenging circumstances we really do need to work together to ensure our youngsters have the best support and start in their new ‘home’. Please be reassured that any further information and updates on when our school will be opening and when our transition activities can recommence we will contact your immediately either through email or letter. Clarity of communication is vitally important at this time, and we certainly do not want any undue stress.

Finally, as a mother of three daughters, (my youngest who has gone through and thoroughly enjoyed her Kingswood home and is now just finishing her degree!) I totally understand your reservations about transition to a new school, but please be reassured that we are here every step of the way; the Kingswood way.

Please take care, stay safe and keep in touch.

If you do need to contact the Year 7 team our email addresses are:


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