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Kingswood Secondary Academy

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Food Technology


Food Preparation and Nutrition AQA 8585

This is a new GCSE course which started teaching September 2016, the first written Exams are June 2018. The first assessed course work starts September 2017.  For the Food investigation (Task 1), one task is to be selected from the three tasks set by AQA issued on 1 September of the academic year in which it is to be submitted.  For the Food preparation assessment, (Task 2), one task is to be selected from the three tasks set by AQA issued on 1 November of the academic year in which it is to be submitted

Below is the link to the AQA subject page, from here you can down load the specification.

* Your GCSE Examination.

* Written exam: 1 hour 45 minutes, 100 marks 50% of GCSE. Multiple choice questions (20 marks) .Five questions each with a number of sub questions (80 marks)

A revision guide, a link to an online text book, a set of revision cards, and past papers in the lessons.

You could also purchase the AQA Food Preparation and Nutriton ( link below)

Ways to revise-

Past papers are below, with this being a new syllabus there are limited papers at the moment.

Marks can be found using the subject page.

They are handy if you don’t know how to answer a question.

Revision Sites

Technical Understanding

* Please focus on the ‘Longer Answer written’ ’ ‘PEE’ style questions, there are 5 of these each with number of sub questions. The 5 questions have a total of 80 marks so that could be 16 marks per question.

In these types of questions you are expected to produce extended writing, for example –

Childhood obesity is increasing in Britain and has been linked to an unhealthy diet.

Assess the various factors which contribute to childhood obesity and explain how an unhealthy diet in childhood may put future health at risk’.

12 marks

‘Using examples of seasonal foods from the chart above, suggest ways in which families can reduce food wastage when buying, preparing and cooking food.’ 10 marks

‘Explain in detail how a temperature probe is used to check that cooked food is safe to eat’. [6 marks]

Your spelling and grammar is assessed along with your use of culinary/technical terminology.

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