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Kingswood Secondary Academy

Ofsted Good

Curriculum End Points

By the end of each year our learners will be able to: 


To use subject specific visual language and vocabulary with competence. Developing an appreciation and understanding of how to use a range of art skills. 

They will develop a greater awareness of the how Art/Textiles might lead to career opportunities and/or further education within the wider community. 


Use subject specific visual language and vocabulary confidently both in written and practical ways. Developing their artistic skills to understand composition, and appreciation of others’ to generate ideas.  They will develop an understanding of ways Art/Textiles contributes to design and vocational industry. 

They will foster a lifelong love and appreciation of Art/Textiles. 


Use subject specific visual language and critical vocabulary fluently both in written and practical ways to a high standard.  Students will analyse and evaluate other artists’ and use this experience to inform their own art practice. Developing their artistic skills in composition, and manipulation of media to such a standard that this could lead them to university level and beyond.  They will develop an understanding of how Art fits into the wider community through their exploration of different artistic genres, media, processes and techniques.  They will foster a lifelong love of Art and self-expression throughout their art career. 

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  • Career Mark
  • DofE
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