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Kingswood Secondary Academy

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KS4 OCR Cambridge National in Creative iMedia

The Cambridge National in Creative iMedia is a GCSE equivalent course that retains a strong focus on project work. The course consists of four units which are one exam unit, one mandatory project unit and two optional project units:

  • R081 – Pre-production skills (Exam)
  • R082 – Creating digital graphics (Mandatory unit)


  • Website creation
  • Video game concept
  • Digital video production

The project units take the form of controlled assessments, which students must work through using the skills developed in preparation lessons, usually in response to a brief. The standard process will be to look at the history and theory of a media product, propose and plan an example, create the example and then evaluate the finished product.

It is not a particularly easy course and by no means will it involve just making films. To do well, students need to be ready to do a lot of research and produce a lot of detailed presentations.

The Cambridge National in Creative iMedia would comfortably lead on to the level 3 Cambridge Technical courses in ICT and/or Digital Media in Sixth Form.

KS5 OCR Cambridge Technical in Digital Media

The Cambridge Technical Level 3 course follows comfortably on from the Cambridge National, but can be studied without prior Media training. The course consists of six units of study:

Unit 1: Media Products and Audiences (Exam)

Unit 2: Pre-production and Planning (Exam)


Unit 21: Plan and deliver a pitch for a media product    |

Unit 22: Scripting for media products                                | - All covered as a short film project

Unit 3: Create a media product                                           |


Unit 20: Advertising media

The exams for Unit 1 & 2 cover a range of media industry theory and practice and are tested in a traditional format of short, medium and long response questions.

The practical units all follow the traditional pattern of researching the history and theory of the media product in question before planning, producing and evaluating an example, usually as part of a group.

This is a course for students who have already enjoyed Level 2 Media, or who have a strong interest or passion for media products and have secured good English grades. There is more research, presentation and evaluation paperwork required than practical work – far more in fact!

The course sits very well alongside English, ICT, Drama and Business courses and will fit with many others. As part of a package of Key Stage 5 courses it can lead on to a wide variety of degree opportunities in the majority of universities.

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