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Kingswood Secondary Academy

Ofsted Good


During a recent monitoring inspection from Ofsted, we have been praised for the “outstanding improvements” made since our last inspection, which placed us into special measures in November of last year.

We are absolutely delighted with the report which recognises the significant improvements that have been made during the year which are a testament to the hard work and commitment of all those associated with the school; staff, students, parents and governors. 

 We firmly believe that this is an extremely exciting time to be part of Kingswood and we will now build from here as we continue our drive to provide the highest quality of education for our students and be recognised for the excellent standards of our work in both the local and wider area. A small number of highlights are shown below but we have also attached a full copy of the report for your information.

All of the improvements have been based upon the school’s own self-evaluation which was described as “impressively accurate” where “All aspects of the school’s work are scrupulously analysed and developed to increasingly meet the needs of students” and that “The systems which have been developed for collating and analysing data are exemplary.”

The report identified that “There had been a major drive in the school to improve achievement…which has been very successful so far. Teaching has improved significantly…some outstanding teaching was seen and a large proportion was good. No inadequate teaching was seen…which is an impressive improvement and is due to the strategies the school has used…”

The excellent behaviour of the students at our school was also recognised by the inspectors who identified that “Behaviour continues to be a positive feature of the school and is improving so that it is even stronger. In lessons and around the school, students are courteous and polite. A significant proportion of lessons seen during this visit had behaviour graded as outstanding”.

The report identified that the quality of leadership and management in the school were identified as significant factors in driving forward the school’s improvement. “The Headteacher has shown outstanding skill in rapidly identifying where improvements are needed in the school and driving forward apace, changing many aspects of the school in a short time. He has been supported to a very high standard by his leadership team…” However, it is quite clear that the improvements are a result of the collective efforts of all staff who “…have shown strong fortitude in taking on new ways of working and thriving on them” and that they are “…all aware of their part in improving the school...”

We are sure you will agree that this is a very positive report and a true reflection of the developments made during the year, and we know that with your continued support we can make further improvements in the future.


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