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Kingswood Secondary Academy

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Year 11 Trial Examinations

As we all know, Year 11 is an absolutely crucial year in giving students the best possible life chances, whether that be continuing in education, going onto a training course or into the world of employment. 

As part of our efforts to ensure students have the best possible preparation for their terminal examinations in less than six months time, we will be holding our trial examinations in the last week of this term. A copy of the trial examinations timetable is shown below. These trial examinations are an opportunity for students to revise and consolidate their knowledge, develop examination skills and experience full scale examination conditions. They should be treated as a serious and important part of the build up to the summer examinations.

All parents of students in Year 11 should have received a letter regarding these examinations explaining in detail what their child should be revising. In the unlikely event of a student claiming they have no revision, this hopefully informs parents of the fact that there is a substantial amount of work to be revised and also arms the parent with a few specific details! 

Results from the Trial Examinations will be formally handed out to students on Wednesday 18th January 2012, and later that same day we hope to be seeing you at the Year 11 Parents’ Evening. Thank you in advance for your support and I trust that by working together we can secure the best possible future for your child.

Please click on document below to view the exam timetable.


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