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Kingswood Secondary Academy

Ofsted Good

PE Department News

The Physical Education Department is pleased to announce the opening of the new sports facilities.  These will be extensively utilised during lessons and in our Extra Curricular Clubs.

Extra Curricular Sports Clubs


Break 2

After School

CV 3-4.15 pm


Year 9 Basketball

Years 7/8 Girls’ Football

Sixth Form



Year 7 Football

Year 10/11 Girls


Year 7 Basketball

Year 8 Basketball

Year 11 Football

Years 7/8 Girls’ Basketball

A Level/GCSE Coursework



Year 10 Basketball

Year 11 Basketball

Year 10 Football

Year 8 Football

Year 10/11 Boys





All students must have completed a full induction programme to include the 'Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire' to use the CV suite.  To sign up for induction, students must see Kevin Gormley - PE Technician during Break 2 in the PE Department.

Policy Reminders

It is our belief that Physical Education develops practical, leadership and officiating skills.  Therefore students who are excused from PE with a note from home will still be expected to change into PE kit for the lesson and take part in all officiating and leadership roles.  However there may be very occasional exceptions to this policy.

We would like to remind parents and students that aerosols are not permitted in school for Health and Safety reasons.  Therefore, only roll on deodorant will be permitted for PE lessons.

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