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Kingswood Secondary Academy

Ofsted Good

Cambridge University Science Masterclass 2013

Recently two Year 11 students attended a Science Masterclass Event at Cambridge University.  The following is an account of their experience. “We attended a 3 day/2 night Science Masterclass event at Cambridge University over the Easter holidays. It was an amazing event and a real eye opener to not only  the world of Science but also to what life in university, studying a science related subject is like."

"We participated in a variety of tasks over the 3 days. This varied from academic lectures to practical experiments and sight seeing around Cambridge. The tours were particularly interesting; it was wonderful to stand outside Isaac Newton’s old office, and Crick and Watson’s Laboratory (where they discovered DNA!). We also went to the pond where Charles Darwin used to collect beetles. These are really famous Scientists! We were on the grounds where life changing and spectacular discoveries were made. 
We really liked the lecture/play on Galileo, where a researcher from the University, who knows a lot about him acted him out. It was very informative and very funny too. It was such a difference living in the Cambridge accommodation compared to home. The dining hall was my favourite. There is no better way to explain it apart from picturing Hogwarts: long tables reaching down from one end of the room to the other, with the head tables lying across at the top. With portraits lined up against the old fashioned walls (of some magnificent scientists.)
It was sad to leave but we had an amazing time and it has really inspired us to learn more about science and possibly study it at university. We recommend the Masterclass to people for next year!”
By Ciaran Dickson and Liam Paterson 
(Year 11)


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