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Kingswood Secondary Academy

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The Effort Rainbow

At a recent Parent Forum meeting, parents asked for an explanation to be given regarding our Effort Rainbow, so here it is.

What is the Effort Rainbow?

The effort a student puts in to their lessons is directly linked to the progress they make. Therefore we want to recognise students who are putting in a lot of effort and challenge those who could put in more. The Effort Rainbow is a way of categorising the effort a student puts in.

How is it calculated?

When staff enter data each term (six times per annum) on the students they teach, they enter a score of between 1 and 5 for the effort they feel a student has put in (5 being excellent). For each student the Effort Scores of all subjects are added and the mean (average) is found. The student is then given a place or colour on the Effort Rainbow.

Effort Rainbow values and colours

  • Dark Green – Excellent (4.67 - 5.00)
  • Light Green – Working very well (4.34 - 4.66)
  • Yellow – Working well (4.01-4.33)
  • Orange – A group to look carefully at (3.67 - 4.00)
  • Red – Cause for concern (3.34 - 3.66)
  • Red – Cause for concern (3.0 - 3.33)
  • Red – Serious cause for concern (<3)

How do we use the Effort Rainbow?

Terms 1, 3 and 5 – Subject teachers send postcards home to all students they gave a 5 to.

Terms 2 and 4 – Students in the top band of the Effort Rainbow and students with 100% attendance receive a reward.

Term 6 – The Headteacher meets with students in the top band of the Effort Rainbow and students with 100% attendance during terms 1-6 and also sends a letter home.

If you have any comments or require any further information on the Effort Rainbow then please contact Jon Lawson, Assistant Headteacher. We hope that you find this explanation helpful and we look forward to working together so that every child achieves their full potential.


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