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Kingswood Secondary Academy

Ofsted Good

Year 6

‚ÄčYear 6 Transition Day on

Friday 13 July 2018


  • Year 6 students should not go to their Junior School, but come straight to the Kingswood Secondary Academy in Gainsborough Road on the Transition Days on Friday 13 July 2018.  Your child should arrive in his/her Junior School uniform and bring writing equipment.
  • Students should try to arrive at the Academy at approximately 8.30am when they will be greeted in the Reception area by members of staff.  The Academy day starts at 8.40am when they will assemble in the Main Hall.
  • All students should use the student entrances at the front of the Academy.  Our Health and Safety policy states that students are asked not to use the vehicle entrance.  If you bring your child to school in a car, please drop him/her off away from the restricted road area at the front of the Academy.
  • You will need to provide a packed lunch and drink (there are water fountains around the Academy), unless they are entitled to receive free school meals. If your child is entitled to a free school meal, please notify Sue Johnson, Senior Administrator, at the Academy on 01536 741857, and the necessary arrangements will be made with the kitchen for the Transition Day and September.  Please note that there will be no facility for your child to purchase food on either day.
  • If required, please let us know if your child will be using the Academy transport on the Transition Day, and we will provide details of where they should wait for the bus, which is a red Rodgers double-decker.  There will be other Kingswood students boarding the bus at this point, and the driver will be aware that there will be additional children using the service.  On the Transition Day the day will end at 2.45pm, when you are asked to collect your child(ren) – we will supervise any child who is waiting to catch the homeward Academy bus at 3.10pm or if there is any difficulty in you meeting your child at this earlier time.  .  
  • Your child will have two breaks during the day.
  • No students leave the Academy site during the Academy day.
  • Please ensure that you have returned all necessary documentation to the Academy before the Transition Day - without the necessary consent your child may not be able to access our IT and cashless catering systems in September.
  • If you require more information about the Transition Days please do not hesitate to contact the Academy. 
  • Please note that the Transition Day ends at 2.45pm when you are asked to collect your child(ren).


As an Academy we are very keen that all of our students develop as individuals.  We offer them opportunities to do so within the curriculum and in a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities.  We aim to work in partnership with parents/carers – offering them the opportunity to participate, not just in Parents’ Consultation evenings, but also by consulting them on matters that are important to themselves and their child.

We are well aware that the transfer from any primary to secondary school can be an unsettling time for both students and their families.  We have, therefore, organised a programme of transition events that will give them all the opportunity to feel confident about changing schools and to look forward to a new start at the Kingswood Secondary Academy in September.  Over the next few weeks we will be providing parents/carers with all the necessary information regarding their child's transfer to us. 

This week we have posted Admission packs to parents/carers of Year 6 children who will be joining us in September 2018.  The following is some of the information included in the pack:


We would like to take this opportunity to invite parents/carers to a Parents’ Information Evening on Thursday 28 June 2018 from 6.00pm – 7.30pm.  This is not an evening for children and we do ask parents/carers to come alone on this occasion, due to limited space.  The main purpose of the evening is to provide an opportunity to meet key staff, to find out more about our Academy and its core values, and most importantly ask any questions that they may have.  During the evening parents/carers will meet the Year 7 team, their child's Form Tutor and Mr Burton, Principal.  We will also outline details of the Transition days scheduled for Friday 13 July 2018.  We hope parents/carers will be able to attend this important meeting as it represents the first step in fostering positive, working relationships between the Kingswood Secondary Academy and home.

We would appreciate parents/carers please confirming if they will be attending the Parents' Information Evening by contacting Sue Johnson, Senior Administrator, by email at: or by telephone on 01536 741857.  Please be aware that parking will be limited on the Academy premises and we would like to suggest that wherever possible parents/carers consider alternative means of transport.

Primary schools will be liaising fully with the Academy's SEN Team  about any children who have Special Educational Needs or a Disability.  Our Special Educational Needs Disability Co-ordinator (SENDCo), Mrs Marian Porter is happy to meet with parents/carers and individual students at the Academy if  they think this might be helpful to support their child.  Please contact to arrange a time during Term 6.

An admission booklet which we would appreciate being completed and returned as soon as possible before the Transition Days is included in the pack. 

Government legislation requires schools to obtain consent from parents/carers to process biometric information for all youngsters aged 18 years and below.  Parental permission is required before students can access our Cashless Catering System.  Biometric identification and photographs of students will be recorded on the system on the Year 6 Transition Day.  Without parental permission, this will not take place and therefore students will not be able to access the cashless catering system in September (the consent forms provide more information).  Details of how to use sQuid, our secure online payment system, will be provided to parents/carers in September.  Also enclosed is a Digital Citizenship Contract which parents/carers and their child should sign and return to allow them to access ICT and the Internet in the Academy.

Details of our uniform and how to order items online from Price and Buckland, our uniform supplier are also enclosed.  Please note that our uniform can only by purchased directly from Price and Buckland.  If parents do not have access to the Internet, a uniform order form is enclosed for them to forward with the correct payment to Price and Buckland.  If parents/carers are uncertain about sizes, they are free to come to the Academy on Tuesday 3 July 2018 from 4.00 pm until 6.30 pm when samples of the uniform will be available in the Reception area. 

We offer subsidised travel to those students who live at some considerable distance away from the Academy, and more information about this will be available shortly.  The cost of travel is likely to be approximately £70 per term (6 terms per year).




If children have moved since their original application to the Local Authority in September/October 2017, please let us know to ensure that all correspondence is delivered to the correct address